Fabrication services include, additive and subtractive manufacturing using Lasers, CNC Routers and 3D Printers.
We also do classic polymer fabrication including, Cut-to-Size, Drilling, Heat Bending and Fusing.
Other services include, Thermal Forming, Epoxy Potting, Surfacing and Mold Making.

Typical Materials(Stocking)

Sheet Plastic (Subtractive Manufacturing)


  • Transparent White Acrylic
  • Lighting White
  • Clear FF
  • Clear Cast GP
  • Assorted Color
  • 3030 Green Edge(glass looking)
  • Bronze and Grey Cast transparent
  • Ultraviolet transmitting
  • P99 Anti glare and Non Glare
  • P95 Frosted One Side
  • Crystallized
  • Black FF


  • Black, smooth one side
  • White, smooth one side


Engraving Metals






Sintra (PVC) also none as Project board in the maker Community

Perforated LDPE

Polycarbonate- Makrolon® and Lexan®

Fused Filament Fabrication(FFF) Materials(3D Print Material Using Filament)
(Additive Manufacturing)

PLA Assorted Colours (Derived from Corn or Rice)

Bamboo Fibres

Light Wood Fibres

Bronze Metal

Copper Metal

Stainless Steel

Magnetic Iron


PLA/PHA (Intense Green)

Conductive (Dark ABS)

ABS White

LAYWOO-D3 (Wood Filament, Cherry)

BendLay Flexible Filament(Doesn’t go white or break when bent, food safe)

Amorphous Copolyester (XT, Very Clear, Print light paths(Think FiberOptics) )

Ninja Flex Snow and Fire(white and red very flexible rubber, 85A)

Ninja Flex SemiFlex(red, 98A, 50D, better for pulling and shock absorption)

Nylon 645 (Industrial Grade)

Nylon 618

T-Glase PETT Clear (Not Biodegradable, but is 100% reclaimable. FDA Approved, extremely strong, if not strongest polymer FFF material)

Stereolithography(SLA) Materials(3D Print Material Using Resin)
(Additive Manufacturing)

Venus Creator Black

Venus Creator Clear

GC3D-EBE, Beige (Flexible)

GC3D-SI, Ivory

GC3D-SGY, Gray

G+ (BLack, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White)


Polymer and FFF Surfacing

Acetone Vapour FFF Smoothing

Glass Bead Sandblasting Chamber

XTC or Epoxy Smoothing(brush on or drip)

Deep Fill Priming

Rubber Coating

Assorted Buffing levels from Deep Scratch to Optical Grade

Novocs for Silicone Gloss Finish


Molds and Liquid Polymers

Black Onyx Fast, Smooth Cast

Mold Star 16 Fast, Silicone Rubber Soft Mold

Sorta Clear 18, Translucent Silicone Rubber, 18A Shore Hardness

Task 12, Semi Rigid Urethane, Impact Resistant Tooling Resin, UV Resistant

SO, Universal Mold Release

Mann Ease Release 205

WS, Epoxy 105+205, Polyester Colour Pastes, 410 Micro Light Filler

ResinLab, Lab grade Epoxy

SCIGRIP 58 Liquid Polycarbonate Clear Compound, will not alter impact resistance of existing Polycarbonate

SCIGRIP 16 Liquid Acrylic Clear

Assorted NSP Sulfur Free Plasteline, Earth/Skin tones